About Whitney

A woman in an orange dressing holding a white, red and green antique quilt in a prairie setting.

Hey friends - welcome to my tiny vintage shop. Here's a bit of my story.

I'm Kansas born and bred. Although I've lived abroad in many different countries, I have settled back into the land of my roots to raise my family.

An avid lifelong thrifter and vintage lover, I grew up going to my grandparents' farmhouse in the Kansas country side - the same home my grandfather was born in. I was surrounded with dark veneered furniture, plates handed down through the generations, and quilts carefully stitched by my grandmother and her grandmother.

The midwest has a rich history of frugality, craftsmanship, and making do with what we have. I bring that mindset into my own vintage hunt.

We don't need to find shiny new home goods, wrapped in plastic and made by the millions in far off lands. We have enough right here in the US, if we just look for it.

And I love to hunt for you - whether it's a hand stitched quilt, a piece of well loved pottery, or a vintage needlepoint, I'm ready to put these beautiful objects into new hands.

Make vintage part of the story of your home. You'll never regret it.

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